SPECIAL IED FLORENCE/ Wearable art. Can these new designers be our future?

Fashion and art have always been observing and influenced by one and other, during the past decades one looked to the other as a source of inspiration, now the direction is one sided. We can see from the earlier experiences of the Raphaelites, from the modernity brought by the futurist, from the originality of the surrealists to the Radical Fashion. Salvatore Ferragamo was one of the first designers that linked together art and fashion, he was in fact inspired by the artistic avant garde of the 1900.
Another example is the famous collaboration between the artist Salvador Dalì and the designer Elsa Schiaparelli.

Speaking about the present, we have selected new and fresh designers that we think will define the future of fashion.
Each of this designers created a part of the modern innovative look. This young creatives are redefining the way fashion is today with innovative creativity and new materials (lego. liquid metal, syntethic hair,..) never seen before in the fashion world.


  1. Miranda Joyce

Every woman’s look wouldn’t be complete without make up!
That’s why we present you this musician turned make up artist. You will easily recognize her works because of the geometrical and particular shapes and lines. Recently she started working for Miu Miu, Yves Saint Laurent and Chloe.



2. Crafting Plastics!

Rethinking materials for a sustainable future.
The brand, based in Berlin, is 100% eco friendly focused on eye wear and fighting against global warming. How are they doing it? By developing a material which can fully replace plastic. The glasses are designed to be durable, that’s why they have thick frames and a simple and minimalistic aesthetic.



3. Joanne T Jewelry

This malaysian artist studied at Central Saint Martin’s. Her collection of handmade facial ornaments are inspired by radical tribal jewelry that aims to combat the media’s idealisation of beauty and the modern obsession with plastic surgery. He linked the tribal with the modern art.


4. Amy Ollet

Another piece that recently became really popular in girls and women closets is the body. That’s why we want to talk about Amy Ollett: her practice is interdisciplinary, exploring the interface between dance, fashion, movement and design,allowing the body to construct its own resolution to dress.


5. Krasimira Stoyneva

She graduated in University of East London. Her iconic signature are the use of synthetic hair, bold prints and contemporary style. Her innovative use of unique materials continuously pushes the boundaries of art and fashion becoming a true testament of luxury fashion. We selected her super weird and innovative skirts and eco-furs.



6. Les Petit Joueurs

Mariasole Cecchi is an Italian designer, a traveller and a dreamer living in Sao Paulo. Cecchi’s love for a statement accessory and the desire to be unique led to her experimentation in designing her own bags for Parisian parties. The bags realized using the iconic LEGO bricks were received with such applause that shortly afterwards Les Petits Joueurs was born.


7. Soda-Pop-Sara

For the last item of our total look we show you Sarah Ansah, one of the finalist of the L’oreal professionnel young talent award. She was inspired by the movie “ The Terminator” by the evil guy with the liquid metal, that’s why she uses this futuristic material on top of all her textures.


(Lucia Clerici, Julia Gronvaldt, Francesca Della Pina, Gaia Cyriac - BOOP.NEWS)

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