Coppa del Mondo della Gelateria 2018: gold, silver and bronze medals go to France, Spain and Australia

France received the Gold Medal at the Coppa del Mondo of Gelateria 2018, which just ended at Sigep (the international gelato and artisan confectionery trade fair) in Rimini. The team, led by Elie J.H. Cazaussus and composed by Benoit Chervet, Christophe Domange,  Jean-Thomas Scheider and Rémi Montagne competed using the theme Moulin Rouge in 8 tests of gelato, pastry, culinary arts and ice sculptures.

The Second classification of Silver Medal went to Spain, who chose the theme Merlin – The Wizard. The team was led by Guillem Jordi and composed by Adolfo Javier Romero Rodriguez, Miguel Angel Señoris Leiva, Jose Manuel Candela and Marc Balanguer Fabra.

The third classification of Bronze medal was awarded to Australia. The team, led by Martino Piccolo and composed by Andre Sandison, Thomas Mitchell, Donato Toce and Kenji Ogawa, competed with the theme of Star Wars.

The Jury also gave 7 special awards:

  • International Press Award – Argentina (A critics choice award promoted by PuntoIT and Pasticceria Internazionale, media partners of Coppa del Mondo who wanted to reward those who knew how to better communicate the team and its participation in this eighth edition).
  • Best Gourmet Gelato – Japan (An award assigned by the press jury)
  • Outstanding Mise en place Australia (An award assigned by the press jury for the best aesthetic presentation of the gourmet gelato)
  • Best Ice Plinth Switzerland
  • Most Innovative Flavor in the Mystery Box test – Australia (Most innovative flavor award composed during the Mystery test – Awarded by the technical jury on the basis of the voting marks). • Aesthetics Award – France (Prize on Aesthetics – Assigned by the artistic jury composed by Stephan Didier, Lorena Gava and Beppo Tonon as specified in article 7)
  • Order & cleanliness – France (Order and cleanliness award dedicated to Maestro Carlo Pozzi – awarded by the Competition Commissioners to the team kept the work station in the upmost order)

The Coppa del Mondo, a biennial event organized by SIGEP – IEG Expo and Gelato e Cultura to spread the culture of gelato, pastry, chocolate and culinary professionals selected from among the best experts on five continents.12 teams coming from Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Korea, France, Japan, Morocco, Poland, Spain, Switzerland, Ukraine and the USA competed this year in 8 trials of gelato, pastry and haute cuisine (decorated gelato tub, decorated cup, mystery box, artistic gelato cake, haute cuisine, artistic pieces and gelato desserts, at the final grand buffet, or the presentation of all the works). Every team was composed of a gelato artisan, a pastry chef, a chef and an ice sculptor.

Every team competed considering a special theme. Argentina, composed by Eduardo Zacaria, Rubén Omar Darré, Erica Paula Rodriguez and Ariel Segesser chose Tango, Australia, composed by Andre Sandison, Thomas Mitchell, Donato Toce and Kenji Ogawa chose Star Wars, Brazil with Mario Mangone, Isabella Brendler, Abner Colombati and Glauco Scisci dedicated the competition to Greece- The Birth of Gelato. Korea with Lee Hyo Joo, Oh My Hyun, Kim Ji Hyun and Francesco Carrer chose Flowers, France with Benoit Chervet, Christophe Domange,  Jean-Thomas Scheider and Rémi Montagne realized a tribute to Moulin Rouge. Japan with Taizo Shibano, Tomoiro Sugawara, Paolo Colonello and Hirata Koichi homaged their country’s Tradition & Innovation, Morocco, composed by Rachid Ouakksa, Brahim Naaismi, Assam Ait Ouakrim and Simohamed Naoui inspired their creations to Game of Thrones. Poland with Tomasz Szypuła, Rafał Macała,  Łukasz Parzymski and Damian Wiśniewski chose The Spirit of the Mountains theme. Spain with Adolfo Javier Romero Rodriguez, Miguel Angel Señoris Leiva, Jose Manuel Candela and Marc Balanguer Fabra dedicated their creations to Merlin- The Wizard. Switzerland with Irene Falcione, Andrea Richter, Giovanni Colarusso and Gianluca Fiorentino chose Flowers & Colors. Ukraine with Elina Boiko, Olga Baisara, Yurii Priemskii and Gordii Starukh dedicated its creations to A bridge between the Past and the Future, USA with Stefano Biasini, Yoshikazu Kizu, Lyn Wells and Chris Foltz selected the theme Urban Legend- Area 51. All the teams worked with Carpigiani and Electolux equipment, using ingredients selected also from Comprital, Valrhona, Capfruit.

The Team Managers of the 12 teams formed a technical jury that had the task of judging the 8 races: Maximiliano César Maccarrone (Argentina), Martino Piccolo (Australia), Frederico Jardim Samora (Brazil), Kwan Kim (Korea), Elie J.H. Cazaussus (France), Marco Polo Molinari (Japan), Otmane Boumaziane (Japan), Sebastian Szmyd (Poland), Guillem Jordi (Spain), Giuseppe Piffaretti (Switzerland), Maksim Golubev, aka Massimo Gelarty (Ukraine) and Randy Torres ( USA).

The jury has been presided by the president of the World Committee of Honor, Pier Paolo Magni, accompanied by Eliseo Tonti, one of the founders of Coppa del Mondo of Gelateria and the vice-president of the Coppa del Mondo of Gelateria World Committee of Honor, Kamal Rahal Essoulami.

To monitor the progress of the race, in support of the race commissioners Sergio Dondoli and Sergio Colalucci, the world champions Leonardo Ceschin and Gaetano Mignano.

The ninth edition of Coppa del Mondo of Gelateria will be on January 19th-22nd 2020. It can only be accessed through national selections. Poland, USA, Argentina and Morocco already submitted applications. For several years Latin American and Moroccan selections have been in place.

Two new important selections are added: the Asian Gelato Cup which will be held for the first time in history at the Food Hotel Asia (FHA) in Singapore, April 24th – 27th 2018 constituting the official selection of the Gelateria World Cup 2020. In addition the Mexican National Selection is scheduled for February 22th-24th 2018 in Mexico City. Sigep Gelato d’Oro will be back in Rimini Fiera on January 19th-22nd 2019 to select the Italian team. The guidelines for the organization of the selections will be available on the website.

“The Italian team will be back in 2020 and we are discussing removing the regulation excluding of the winning team from competing in the consecutive year – said Giancarlo Timballo, president of Coppa del Mondo of Gelateria – and we are motivated to work hard to enact the proposal presented to Minister Dario Franceschini during the inauguration to place artisan gelato on the UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage List. Furthermore the world’s interest in artisanal gelato is increasing more and more, concluded Timballo”.

(Valentina Righi - BOOP.NEWS)

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