Jovita Rainy Pranata wins the 1st Indonesia Gelato Competition and will represent the nation at the Asian Gelato Cup (Singapore, 24-27 April)

2020 Gelato World Cup’s trip around the world started in Bali and saw 19 top Indonesian Gelato Chefs compete with their best flavors on 10 February 2018 thanks to the collaboration with Lotus Food Services, exclusive dealer of Carpigiani in Indonesia. Chefs from Bali, Surabaya, Jakarta, Bandung and Malang have been in the spotlight. The winner of the competition, Jovita Rainy Pranata, will represent Indonesia at the Asian Gelato Cup.

The Indonesian team, as well as the other teams that will be taking part at the Asian Gelato Cup, will be composed of three chefs. Team manager and team member 1 have already been announced: they are respectively Chef Louis Tanuhadi and Chef Pipit Yulianti.

Organised by UBM and supported by the Singapore Pastry Alliance, the first-ever Asian Gelato Cup, a concept inspired by the World Gelato Cup, will be held from 24 to 27 April 2018 in conjunction with Food&HotelAsia (FHA) exhibition. The competition will host 12 teams from 12 different regions, out of which the top three teams will represent their regions in Rimini at the highly accredited Coppa del Mondo of Gelateria (World Gelato Cup) 2020.

The top three contestants also qualified for the Gelato World Tour finals of South East Asia, the travelling international competition that will select the best 36 gelato flavours of the world.

So the first three finalists at the 2020 Gelato WorldTour Finals of South East Asia are:

1. Jovita Rainy Pranata, Francelle Ice Cream, Jakarta, with Peuyeum Geulis
2. Cassandra Melyn of St Regis Bali with Banana Hazelnut gelato
3. Alvin Tanudjaya, Latteria, Jakarta, with Moscato Tea Gelato

Flavor, structure and presentation are the three parameters that have been judged, highlighting the choice of ingredients, the art of gelato making, and the visual impact of the gelato. Other challenges of the South East Asia World Masters will take place in the region in the coming months.

The panel of jury has been composed of Chef Rahmat Kusnedi, President of Indonesia Pastry Alliance (IPA), Hendra Oktaviano, Director of Passion Magazine; Chef I Made Kona, famous pastry chef and advisor of IPA, Augyawati Joe, Vice Director of Finance and Business Development of Bali International Polytechnic and Valentina Righi (President of the Jury), PR of Gelato World Cup and Academician of Accademia Italiana della Cucina, cultural institution of the Italian Republic.

The Indonesia Gelato Competition, which has been organized by Lotus Food Services and Carpigiani with the patronage of Gelato World Cup, has been sponsored by IFI, Hiber, MEC3 and Greenfields and endorsed by Young Chefs Club, Bali Culinary Professionals Indonesia, Association of Culinary Professionals and Indonesia Pastry Alliance. Exclusive media partner, Passion Magazine.

In order to further fulfill Gelato World Cup’s mission to spread the culture of gelato throughout the world, challenges such as the Indonesia Gelato Competition, are being organized around the globe! Find more at

Below, the list of the 19 flavors participating at the competition:

1            Es Teler gelato  – Albert Aldo, Le Galleria, Surabaya
This gelato has been inspired by a beloved authentic Indonesian dessert. It is based with coconut milk filled in with avocado, jackfruit and shredded young coconut, drizzled with palm sugar sauce.
2            Lemong breeze – Andreas Dachi, Le Galleria, Surabaya
A sweet and sour gelato flavor, with a refreshing after-taste coming from lemongrass, mint and lime. Everything has been combined with grass jelly and topped with lemon syrup.
3            Asinan Bogor – Anthony Sucipto, Le Galleria, Surabaya
Asinan Bogor is an authentic Indonesian snack. This fresh and sweet pineapple based gelato is topped with fruit jelly, peanuts and sweet, sour and spicy sauce.
4            Klepon – Gilbert Hadiwirawan,   Le Galleria, Surabaya
I realized this flavor as a homage to Klepon, an authentic indonesian snack. It’s a coconut milk based gelato with pandan flavor, topped with palm sugar (gula aren) syrup and mochi.
5            Pisang Epe – Michael Valent, Le Galleria, Surabaya
Pisang Epe is a genuine Indonesian dessert. This gelato has been inspired by its recipe and it is based of banana drizzled with brown sugar and durian syrup.
6            Sweet corn & cheese –   Jennifer Smith,  Le Galleria, Surabaya
This gelato is a tribute to Italy and Indonesia. It aims to create a rich combination of flavors: sweet indonesian corn and Italian mascarpone cheese, topped with popcorn and crispy cheese.
7            Bubur Madura  – Ryan Iskandar, Le Galleria, Surabaya
This traditional Indonesian snack flavored gelato is realized with a coconut base and a hint of brown sugar, topped with black glutinous rice congee and sago pearls.
8            Douhua – Sagita Aldris, Le Galleria, Surabaya
Douhua is a typical Chinese snack made with very soft tofu (realized directly from soy bean) and a healthy soup coming from ginger. This gelato has been enriched with fresh ginger and soybean. I decided to create this flavor because I want that everyone knows how is the unique flavor of Douhua. And I wish that everyone, while eating my gelato, can still feel warm, in the heart and in the body.
9            Carrot Cake – Yohana Pransetio, Le Galleria, Surabaya
My carrot cake gelato is ispired by the original American recipe and it is combined with crushed almond nougatine and roasted walnuts, topped with carrot flakes and caramelized marple syrup.
10          Moyang –  Aldino Milhan, BVGIL Gelato, Malang
My gelato is inspired by an Indonesian traditional dessert and it is characterized by fermented cassava combined with fusion coffee.
11          Moscato Tea gelato – Alvin Tanudjaya, Latteria,  Jakarta
My Moscato Tea Gelato is a tribute to both Italian and Indonesian food cultures. I realized it with rose fudge and lemon lime curd. The fruity candy lime flavor comes from the moscato tea paired with flowery sweet rose and chocolate fudge, with a swirl of refreshing lemon lime curd.
12          Klepon Almond – Anglea Natalia, Let’s go Gelato, Bandung
Inspired by the Indonesian favourite traditional street food snack, our “Klepon Almond” flavor combines coconut pandan sherbet with gula jawa, the javanese palm sugar sauce. As a twist from the traditional version, we used crushed almonds to add a crunchy factor that goes perfectly with the combination of the flavors.
13          Coconut Whisky Cream – Budi Lukito, La Ricchi, Surabaya
Ingredients: Fresh coconut milk, sugar, skim milk powder, milk, coconut water and Irish whisky cream. Indonesia is the the world’s second largest producer of coconuts and it has been a big part of Indonesian traditional cuisine. With its unique nutty and floral element, it has been used very widely in both cooking and desserts across Asia. It is, however, very seldom used in gelato. Irish whisky cream, on the other hand, is one of Ireland’s most exported products. Incorporating two Irish favorites, it gives you rich and creamy scent and chocolaty taste that finishes gracefully and smooth. It also creates a very interesting flavr. Coco whisky cream is a divine combination that we believe will help elevate gelato to a different level.
14          Banana Hazelnut – Cassandra Melyn, St. Regis,  Bali
This flavor is a tribute to Italian and Indonesian food cultures and combines the best (and most beloved) ingredients of these two culinary traditions, banana (that Indonesia is a large producer of) and Hazelnut from Piedmont, Italy, DOCG with a touch of Rum. Ingredients: fresh milk, cream, maltodextrine, dextrose, milk powder, sugar, valrhona dulcey chocolate, natural stabilizer, caramelized banana puree. I realized the caramelized banana – rum hazelnut with sugar, orange juice, bananas, dark rum, banana paste, hazelnut paste, Valrhona Satllia Chocolate 62%.
15          Semurdaging (Cinnamon Brown Beef Stew) –     Septy Sabaryah, Gelato Girgio,    Jakarta
The main ingredients are traditional Indonesian beef stew. I added cinnamon and lime, so it’s different from the traditional indonesian recipe. I added home made beef floss in order to create a crunchy and savory sensation at the palate. I have been inspired by Semur or brown beef stew, an Indonesian traditional food that almost all of Indonesians love. This unique flavor is a combination of sweet, little bit salty, and savory.
16          Tiga Ramu – Diandra Irawan, Cremery di dee, Bandung
Tiga Ramu is my newest artisanal gelato flavor, it has been made by combining two famous Indonesian herbs: kapulaga (cardamom) and bunga lawang (star anice), with our traditional jasmine tea. By infusing these three ingredients, the aroma penetrates the mixture and gives us warmth, calm and the classic Indonesian feeling.
17          Pandan yogurt gelato – Dewa Agika, Jbay gelato, Bali
The main ingredients of this fresh, light and exotic gelato are peuyeumkenari crunch, yogurt and pandan extract made  from scratch.
18          Dark Chocolate gelato – Febri Nugroho, Mason Adventure, Bali
My flavor has been realized with artisanal 71% chocolate, made of cacao from Java edel,  milk, sugar, cream and natural stabilizers. This is our best flavor, the most beloved by our clients.
19          Peuyeum GeulisJovita Rainy Pranata, Francelle ice cream, Jakarta
Fermented Cassava or what we call “Tapai Singkong” is Indonesian traditional dish made from steamed cassava fermented with yeast. This dish is very popular in Java Island and everywhere around the country. In Bandung, West Java, this dish is known as “Peuyeum”, that’s where the name “Peuyeum Geulis” inspired from. Geulis means beautiful, so I decorated this gelato with grilled peuyem and crispy kenari nut.

(Valentina Righi - BOOP.NEWS)

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