Kazakh-Italian education project “PiuArte” 

Art should be available to everyone. Inspired by this idea Italian art historians from “PiuPop” in collaboration with Kazakh musicians presented their education project in the capital of Kazakhstan – Astana.

Seeing how some children are passionate about art, but have no access to its beauty has led us to create “PiuArte” – says Carlotta Barilla, member of PiuPop. 

“PiuArte” is a charity lecture-concert which allows people to dive into the world of art through interesting lectures, live music and provides an opportunity to financially support the art program of “Balam-Ai” – a children with disabilities fund.

Especially for the Kazakh audience, “PiuPop” recorded video presentations of different artistic periods which they presented on February 20th, at the QSI International School in Astana. Meanwhile the Kazakh chamber orchestra among with soloists – violinist Marzhannur Makibayeva and pianist Lira Bekbolatova supported every lecture with specially selected live music performances. The audience got an opportunity to hear the music of the greatest composers of Barocco, Neoclassicism, Romanticism, Impressionism and Expressionism periods. 

“We canceled the ticketing system. We are ready to share our knowledge and skills with people for free. Because we truly believe that art should be available for everyone” – comments Francesca Ziroli Aprile, member of PiuPop.

Using all the donated funds, the organizers bought 50 tickets for underprivileged children to attend the main theatre in Kazakhstan –  Astana Opera House. The director of the children with disabilities fund, Assel Yesmagambetova also commented: “we use art and music in working with our children and understand an importance of art education. We are very honoured to receive this special support from Italian colleagues”.

“These children have a right to be included in all art activities and learning experiences as much as any others. Every child deserves to have art in their lives and to benefit from it” – says Rudimante Belardi, member of PiuPop.

Kazakh-Italian education project “PiuArte” was successfully presented in Astana. It will be repeated again in April 2019, in another city in Kazakhstan – Aktobe.

Lira Bekbolatova

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