MONOGRAPHIC ISSUE/ CM70/ A family company from four generations

Campomarzio70 was founded in 1926 in Rome by the first family generation di Liello, nowadays the brand continues to be a family business run by the member of the fourth generation Valentino di Liello who is the Business Development Director of the company. He started to run the company after he finished his studies, helping his mom selecting the brands that could fit to the company. 

Opening new stores in Rome they felt the necessity to search not only the classical brands perfumes that people used to buy but they wanted to work with start up brands that felt the same passion for the parfums and could fit into Campomarzio70 philosophy, not only in Italy but also internationally. 

In 2003 they opened another store in the street Campo Marzio, 70 where it comes the actual name and it became the first important step for the growth of the brand, now the company is registered in eleven cities.The store is a place where you can breath an international air and where you are welcomed with great care and refinement. 

The brands that are members of this elegant family are the result of a research for a proved quality. Little by little, Campomarzio70 has become the reference for the most demanding customers and the attentive to the evolution of the market. The criteria through which Campomarzio70 selects the brands is the quality, originality and exclusivity in the italian and also in the international market. They choose the brands that follows the same philosophy culturally and commercially. 

The company selects its brands like the sommelier for wines, in this case it’s called “perfumier” they take into account its colour, its texture, its flavour and its emotion ( do you have a emotional connection to the scent?). Each smell has a a family or more likely to say it’s own personality, for example in the case of the floral fragrances we can see that the perfume it’s dominated by a particular flower, or when they have a smell of different combinations of flowers they called it floral bouquet. When they have characteristics like earthy or wood they recognize the fragrance as woody. The leather family have the scents of wood, tobacco or honey. Chypre, it’s a complex fragrance compounded with a citrus top note and moosy base and the least but not last the fougère it’s characterized by its sharp herbaceous woody scents, describes as natural, woodsy, rich.

To be part of Campomarzio70 family you don’t need to be a classical parfumerie but also a start up. The company is considered a “talent scouted” for many brands that want to be recognized internationally. Some of the examples selected by the family are: Widian Perfume: Widian distinguished itself through its unique, comforting and delightful blends of ingredients. Their philosophy is “if you like it. I just wear it”. Brecourt Paris: They work to reconstruct in the most precise way the olfactory link that unites humanity with nature. Grossmith London: Is a prominent classic English perfume house that once again is producing the finest perfume in the world. Many more of its brands are characterized by its more distinguished and refinement senses on the profumerie world. 

Manuela Pinoz

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