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Artistic perfumery, precious raw materials, home fragrance, limited editions collections, CampoMarzio70, located in the center of the Tuscan City, Florence, invite us to an intimate journey to discover a new world of niche perfumery. We can find four open windows displays outside the façade of the store, where we can see a little of the interior of this store, this attracts us to enter, to an intimate, sophisticated, and modern space that we are received by the excellence of the sale assistants that are going to guide us through the discovery of our perfect scent. 

The shop interior is a mix of elegant and contemporary design, with a black and white palette with a touch of color. All Campomarzio70 stores have the same visual concept, similar layout maintaining the same philosophy but yet each store is unique at is on. The black wood furniture that we can find throughout the interior is exactly the same in every boutique, it has become their signature to display their products. 

The ambiance, with the help of a soft relaxing music sounding in the back and the warm light, gives us an intimate personal space to connect with our senses and where we let ourselves to be seduced by the smell while we try all the scents and live an extraordinary multisensory experience. 

Campomarzio70 features more than 20 brands, all with a peculiar and unique story to tell, all considered as they where piece of art, as in a gallery. 

Another element shared by each store is the metal texture boxes that make its way through the black wood furniture, providing the perfect space to display each one of the perfumery bottles that let them make an impact and stand out of the black wood furniture. 

We also can find pieces of Fornasetti, Italian designer, famous for his collection of plates with the face of his muse Lina Cavalieri, candles and furniture that are statement pieces, not only for selling, but better to complete the visual of the Florence boutique. 

What Campomarzio70 proposes is a completely contemporary vision of what a niche perfumery is. Come to visit at Via Della Condotta 65/r Florence, to let emerge yourself through this journey of unique scents. 

Madelaine Roquebert 

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