MONOGRAPHIC ISSUE/ CM70/ Wood, rose and cinnamon: an exclusive journey

The day started as a normal Wednesday morning at the beginning of November. The streets of Florence were quiet, the tourists had not left their hotels yet and the shops were still sleeping. This was the scenario of the day of my very first visit at Campomarzio70. As soon as I entered the boutique in Condotta street at number 65, I immediately felt wrapped by notes of wood, rose and cinnamon or maybe lemon and spices? I cannot tell exactly what mix was since they were notes so different from the ones I usually smell! After this short but intense sensorial impact, a smiling advisor very professionally dressed in a black suit came towards me to welcome me in Campomarzio70.  

Then I realized I found myself in a niche perfumery and, during my experience, I pleasantly discovered that the staff is trained to cuddle and to give the customers the best olfactory moments of their lives. This is exactly what Campomarzio70 gave to me that Wednesday morning. 

Before starting with a journey among these exclusive perfumes, the advisor kindly asked me which fragrances I usually use, which one I like and which not, so that she could choose some notes that were more familiar to me. While I was replying to her question, her mind was probably already choosing which perfumes to propose to me because, as soon as I stopped talking, she started to move with any hurry among the shelves and she set a selection of fragrances on the very elegant table in the middle of the shop, fragrances that, according to what I revealed to her, will satisfy my nose. 

In front of all those precious lined up bottles, I was as excited as a child that enters a candy store for the first time: anxious to taste them all. The advisor explained to me that usually the smelling-taste itinerary starts from the softest fragrances and it finishes with the strongest ones.

After three samplings, the assistant asked me to smell from an elegant, multifaceted crystal box which was filled with grains of coffee. At first, I didn’t understand why in a fragrance shop I should smell coffee but I just trusted her and did it. She explained to me that the smell of coffee (so as drinking a glass of water) clears the nose and ables the person to not get lost among so many fragrances. 

Every perfume I have sensed at Campomarzio70 was a discovery among unknown essences but also among distant lands since every fragrance you smell reminds you to a different place on earth. The one I have experienced at Campomarzio70 was also a journey among memories, a revival of emotions and that was one of the main reason why you wish the selection never ends.

Unfortunately, the time of the last fragrance arrived and along with it also the end of the first of many future visits at Campomarzio70. 

Sara Napolitano 

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