PiuPop’s Bar-Bar-ico Periferico

In 2016, two students from Sapienza University shared on their Facebook page a “manifesto” as a promise to support contemporary art in all of its expressions. Who knew that three years later their pure passion would result in a successful exhibition of young, perspective artist Lorenzo?

Lorenzo aka RRRoutine is a 19-year-old artist from Rome who dreams of moving to New York City to pursue his artistic passions. A fan of Goya and underground music, Lorenzo held his first-ever multimedia show at L29 Studio on January 25th through PiuPop’s “Bar-Bar-ico Periferico”. 

Visitors began their interactive experience with a 60-second video displayed on the right wall of L29 Studio with Lorenzo’s  bright and “pop” drawings talking to people on the opposite wall. The artist’s young spirit was present in photographs, illustrations and videos.

“It is an amazing experience – to give a shape to our first project with Lorenzo” – said Rudimante Belardi, the founder of PiuPop.

“PiuPop” is an art organisation whose mission is to support young and extraordinary artists like Lorenzo. Created by art historians Rudimante Belardi and Carlotta Barilla, “PiuPop” extended their team in 2018 by inviting Francesca Aprile to share their passion for art. The founders met Lorenzo at the popular “Antigallery” in the artistic Monti district.

“When I met Lorenzo, I was imagining his photos hanging on the walls. I knew that this should happen” – continued Belardi. Indeed, four months after meeting “PiuPop”, Lorenzo’s raw and urban art works became available to all art-lovers through an exhibition curated by these three passionate art historians.

“I am inspired by the people I see everyday and by the things that I do in my daily life. By the routine” – shared Lorenzo.

His pseudonym “RRRoutine” is not just a random word. As a child, the artist struggled with dyslexia. The repetition of letters is a sign of the past mixed with the present. This lays the foundation for Lorenzo’s code. You can notice how the artist uses this skillfull approach in his art.

“My family is my main inspiration. They basically raised an artist in me. I even started to draw just because I wanted to make my mom smile”.

Lorenzo’s parents also were at the show. The sincerity and shyness of artist’s personality was evident at the show and in every work exhibited in L29 Studio.

Yes, he is young, but he has already invented his own “code”, said Carlotta Barilla, art director of “PiuPop”. “When you look at the artworks, you can see how the present is filtered through his memories and values. I really admire how he combines the past, present and future.

Francesca Aprile added, “His art is out of time. He is young, talented and raw like a diamond in the rough. I really hope he won’t lose these qualities in this big world”. 

“I want people to feel,” said Lorenzo. “It doesn’t matter what they feel, I just want them to feel something when they look at my works. To find the beauty in their daily routine.” 

And as they promised in the beginning – “PiuPop” has kept their word. The contemporary, fresh and authentic “piu-pop” experience will be on view from till February 28th. Don’t wait for another moment to secure your spot in line to see “rrroutine” through Lorenzo’s eyes. 

(Lira Bekbolatova - BOOP.NEWS)

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