Preview: What to expect at the Asian Pastry Week 2020

If you move to Singapore, and you ask for a contact in this crazy pastry world, you’ll talk to Chef Vincent Bourdin. His mission to spread pastry-art and choco-culture started when he became the Executive Pastry Chef at Valrhona Far East. Born in France, he had his sights set on the Merlion more than 30 years ago. He calls Singapore his home and he is still in the chocolate business now…but there is much more to say about his career. He discovered the power of Asian Pastry long before others. He is helping local chefs to get a real education. With every show he launches, he adds innovative pastry-vibes and allows the participants to experiment unusual combinations, and to show off their unique untold strength. If five or six Asian countries were always in the Top10 at the recent editions of La Coupe du Monde de la Patisserie, it’s because of him. He won’t’ say so, and you won’t find any article in which he spends more than half line about himself. He travels with no pause around Asia Pacific region, Europe and USA. And maybe that’s why his Asian Pastry Cup (APC) will become “Asian Pastry Week” at Food & Hotel Asia 2020, and the Chocolate Chef Competition (C3)decided to move the World Finals from Brooklyn to Singapore.

Chef Vincent, why will Singapore launch the “Asian Pastry Week”?

Because chefs need it. There was the lack of this kind of a platform. The Week consists of a series of competitions and events that give Asian Pastry Chefs the platform they need to continue to grow and to make a name for themselves.

Asian Pastry Cup (APC) covers the work of pastry chefs in shops and hotels (ice cream and gelato art, ice carving, sugar pieces making are included).

Chocolate Chef Competition (C3) covers the work of chefs de cuisine and restaurateurs. Eight restaurant pastry chefs representing eight countries from all over the world will create 12 chocolate plated desserts and one set of mini pastries for afternoon tea. The jury includes Michelin Star Chefs, Pastry Celebrities and Influencers.

Global Starchefs Pastry Show covers the educational needs of the future chefs. Six internationally awarded pastry chefs will perform a spectacular live pastry demo in front of 350 students who will for once have all the rights to play simultaneously with the Chefs, take selfies and enter the pastry booths.

Music Cocktails Pastry and Pairing Challenge(MCPAC) covers the expectations of the ones who want pastry in their glamorous lifestyle. One pastry chef, one mixologist and one masterDJ: we will see teams of three realizing in 12 minutes a unique dessert, paired with a brand-new cocktail and music.

Pastry-Nightlife. It sounds like the sweetest trend for the Millennials…


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