Rome Fashion Weekes, an overview on A-W 2019/20 collections

In the midst of setting new trends and bringing fashion lovers together in the Eternal City, this season’s Rome Fashion Week packed a few powerful punches. As much a tradition as the Christmas holidays, influencers, fashion bloggers, style mavens and industry figures gathered together to put their most stylish foot forward at PratiBus District and to take in the Autumn-Winter 2019/20 shows.

In the mix of all the usual pomp and circumstance, it was clear that some young designers were interested in making statements through their collections.

Brands like Italo Marseglia and Simona Marziali invited crowds to support the idea of “sustainability”. It was demonstrated in their patchwork and reworked collections. The sustainable fashion concept is also evident in the collection of Kazakh/Italian designer Yekaterina Ivankova.

Martina Cella and Leo Macina proclaimed bright “poisonous” colours and accesories in “pop” style. However, the intentions of each designer were different. Whilst Martina Cella aimed to create an image of “una figura nuova and fresca” by combining countryside and urban styles – Leo Macina’s psychedelic palettes with contrasting comic prints were supposed to recreate the atmosphere of America’s pop 60’s.

Sabrina Persechino, on the other hand, demonstrated a collection inspired by architectural principles and techniques. Strict beige, white and black colours in combination with smooth geometric patterns laid the foundation of her “Dinamismo” collection.

Assymetrical “reworked” sweaters and bombers of an Italian designer Simona Marziali were considered “fresh and unique” and automatically became a “favorito” of the Alta Roma.

And on the very last day of Fashion Week, Italian Maison Gattinoni returned to the fashion stage with its portrayal of a “new woman”. According to the Guillermo Mariotto: “ The Gattinoni woman of 2019 knows how to adapt to the changes of time without losing her sense of “Alta Moda”.

Lira Bekbolatova

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