Singapore reaffirms status as International Culinary Destination

Exploring new trends and nourishment’s origins, The Discovery World Gourmet Summit (WGS) saw 16.000 people attending no less than 50 signature WGS events over four weeks, with 16 countries represented, more than 20 visiting international masterchefs and special guest personalities featured, alongside the partnership of 40 top dining establishments in Singapore. Asia’s premier food and wine festival ended its milestone 22nd year reaffirming the Lion City’s role as international food capital. WGS 2018 featured an illustrious group of masterchefs and experts in the field who played a part in enriching Singapore’s burgeoning food and beverage landscape. In addition to starring in the festival’s line-up of sumptuous events, they were also hosted in some of the city’s most notable dining establishments. Guests got to sample their distinctive culinary offerings during the Masterchef Dining Delights Promotion from 16 to 21 April.

Among the masterchefs to grace this year’s event were Raymond Blanc, a legend in the French gastronomy world; Kevin Thornton, Ireland’s first to receive two Michelin-stars; Patrizia di Benedetto, the first and only current female Sicilian chef to be awarded the coveted Michelin-star; Ross Lusted, Australia’s two-hatted star chef; and Korean-American sensation Akira Back, who has excited the culinary world with his bold interpretations of Asian fare with American influence.

Here’s my favorite three events:

  • The Homecoming: Raymond Blanc | Michelin-Star Dinner at Grand Hyatt Singapore on 25 April 2018. The celebrated French chef Raymond Blanc, of two-Michelin-starred Le Manoir aux Quat’Saisons in Oxfordshire in England,  was one of the guest chefs at the first instalment of the summit when it began in 1997 and has also cooked in Singapore for other events over the years.
  • The Hungarian feast at The Fullerton Bay Hotel’s La Brasserie restaurant, by the guest chef Peter Szabo of Budapest’s La Parilla restaurant on 21 April 2018.
  • The Foodie forum Food: Just Nourishment, Or A History Of Men?, conducted by Irish celebrity chef and food archaeologist Kevin Thornton and Singapore-based food anthropologist Alessandra Gennaro also on 21 April 2018.

A special mentions goes to the US Cheese reception (24 April 2018) that showcased how the 600+ types of cheese the U.S. produces can be used in Southeast Asia.
To incorporate international consumers’ taste preferences, U.S. cheesemakers are innovating new flavor combinations and continuously work with customers to ensure the cheeses meet their functional and dietary specifications as well.

“As Southeast Asia’s chefs and consumers recognize and seek out the endless taste possibilities and creamy texture of cheeses, American cheesemakers are pushing limits to craft bolder flavors that complement local dishes,” said Vikki Nicholson, senior vice president, Southeast Asia Business Unit at U.S. Dairy Export Council (USDEC). “U.S. cheese suppliers and importers provide these high-quality cheeses through collaboration.”

The region’s enthusiasm and rising interest in U.S. cheese resulted in 52% growth of U.S. cheese exports to Southeast Asia providing 16,553 metric tons (MT) in 2017. The United States has the capacity to readily meet this growing demand and more with total cheese production an astounding 5.66 million MT in the U.S. in 2017, up 2.6% from 2016 according to USDA data.

Growing demand not only means greater production, but a greater variety.
“The creativity of U.S. cheesemakers is one reason why cheese is seen as a high-quality, craft food item,” said Peter A. Knipp, CEO of PKH Pte Ltd. “Culinary professionals worldwide are experimenting with these new cheeses to creatively meet diverse consumer tastes.”

European cheese producers are invited to showcase their excellence in 2019 and we look forward to re-discover our culinary roots in the tastiest way!

(Valentina Righi - BOOP.NEWS)

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