SPECIAL IED FLORENCE/ What the Success of #madeinmexico means for the Latin American community

Maison Manila

Historically, Latin America has had a rich culture in food and in fashion, but due to globalization the culture has been westernized and diluted. Mexico is coming into the radar due to U.S and Mexican political relations, since the recent US elections. However, the desire to make a better name for the latin american culture has been amplified. Within the Mexican fashion industry, there are upcoming talents and brands who promote their local industries. This is bringing value to the culture of Latin America in hopes of opening new fashion alternatives.

Here are a few examples of the upcoming Mexican talents to look for:

Paloma Lira

Since 2012, Paloma Lira has become an influence for Latin American fashion.  This year she launched her own brand, based in Mexico City after having years of working experience next to important designers such as Emanuel Ungaro in Paris and Alexia Ulibarri in Mexico City. Her boho-chic style finds inspiration from the 60’s and 70’s, where she links her influence with contemporary details. After years of experimenting with her creativity, her style has become an amazing combination of retro, urban and Mexican cultures. The result of her creativity is worth looking at.


Yakampot was also created in the year 2012 by Francisco Cancino and Concha Orvañanos, with the only purpose of promoting Mexican cultural heritage through clothing. Yakampot is the most representative brand today for the #MadeinMexico, widely recognized because of the traditional method used to craft their products in collaboration with indigenous artisans. The brand, supplies the majority of their textiles from locals and others from specialty mills in Europe. Clean silhouettes, monochromatic colours and unexpected ancient details create the unique pieces of this spirited brand, today it is a pride of Mexican culture.

Maison Manila

Maison Manila strives to play with reinventing its past to “ adapt them to the present.” Originating from Mexico, this fashion house reflects the refreshing nature and landscapes of the country. The clothes fit the everyday agenda, while playing with a variety of simple textiles, textures and basic lines. Designer and creative director Rossana Diaz del Castillo is an upcoming creative focusing on the minimalist aesthetic. Manila’s themes are “based on common good, harmony and beauty.” Providing innovative pieces that will last a lifetime to its buyers.


Ocelote is bringing a pulse back into the Mexican fashion industry bringing the contemporary philosophy of unisex wear onto the world stage. The fashion label is run by creative director and founder César Flova, promising “basic garments with clean and simple cuts, that analyze body proportions and geometry in order to create a product that blends comfortability, avant-garde design with high quality materials.” The brand provides fresh and versatile garments accessible to all and for daily wear.

Since the brands launch in 2015, this menswear line has been in the spotlight for México and publications from all around the world, including vogue Italia. With her experimental and anti political statements, Barbara Sanchez Kane, founder and former student at Polimoda has a different approach for her menswear collection. Speaking out with her feminist message not commonly found in menswear fashion brands. She works with indigenous artisans, specially Mayan ones from the south of the country.  Her designs takes inspiration from Mexican symbols found in popular culture. Like the Virgin Mary figure used in boots or “luchadores” masks. Barbara describes the brand as “Mexican clothing brand curated by emotional chaos.” Her fashion shows, presented in LA and NYFW has a performance aspect, with dancers and sculpture artists on the runway. She’s changing fashion in Mexico and is definitely a must see designer for upcoming seasons.

Salo Shayo
Only 24 years old, Salo Shayo is opening a path for Mexico’s fashion around the globe. Graduating in 2013, presenting his first collection in Paris in 2014 he has appeared in vogue Italia numerous of times, but in 2015 an article talked about him as “one of the most promising designers.” With a strong attention to detail and his quest for new materials he makes unique pieces that reflects the theme of “100% Made in Mexico.” He uses constructed pieces that are made for all different types of bodies, using high quality materials, elaborated with a vanguard and innovative technique to give a straight silhouette that sculpts the body. Season by season the brand is looking to work with new materials like for example in his latest collection was called “Corks” Salomón used oversized knit to give different shapes. He’s familiar with simple and colorful prints in order to achieve visual contrast. He has an understanding of the woman’s body and the feminist values that not so many designers have. Let’s have a look on how he keeps growing as a designer, awaiting his surprises and his new points of view.

Mexico is trying to put their name out there and provide a new market to fashion fanatics. You can tell that the Mexican designers are stepping away from the stereotypes given by society. They are surely remaking a name for themselves and for their country.


This an article written from students attending the course of fashion writing run by Giulia Rossi in IED Florence in March 2018.

(By: Maria Lopez,Melanie Choi, and Jeronimo O’Reilly - BOOP.NEWS)

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