MONOGRAPHIC ISSUE/ CM70/ Tribute to Fornasetti

Art, design and perfumes is a trio that does not always perfectly match, although this does not seem to be the case of the new Essential Store Campomarzio70, in Florence. It is a small boutique, just a few steps from Piazza della Signoria, which houses the best brands of the artistic perfumery. And that’s not all, because this atelier has, like everyone else, something very special: the limited edition signed by Pietro Fornasetti.

Pietro Fornasetti. This designer has been, until the 80s, one of the most prolific artists that the Italian cultural scene has ever known. He created one of the largest collections of objects and furnishing accessories, which still live today thanks to the efforts of his son Barnaba.The latter has continued to keep the craftsmanship standard of the family business high, by creating works with a real dreamlike language and making them available for art lovers. On December 2018, Barnaba presented his father’s “Follia Pratica” through an exhibition at Palazzo Altemps in Rome with the aim of peacefully invading the ancient sculptural masterpieces and decorations of the Renaissance using the dreamlike and irreverent and ironic art that characterizes the Fornasetti brand.

The Campomarzio70 store in via della Condotta opens its doors to a world that almost resembles an art gallery. Both the shop window and the interior of the store space welcome a thematic set-up dedicated to Fornasetti’s fantasies as limited editions of plates, chairs, tables, clocks and lamps. A set of objects of furniture and decoration, inspired by Greek and Roman architecture, on sale for every boutique customer and absolutely essential to create added value to the interior design of the Florentine shop.

The desire to start the collaboration came from a common aesthetic taste. While the brand dedicated to the art of perfume shows some creations based on the culture of beauty, on the search for emotions and on sensitivity, on the other hand Pietro Fornasetti creates works based on the same artistic philosophy.

Other elements that stand out both in Campomarzio70 and Fornasetti models are the attention to details and the passion for their own work, consisting in discovering and proposing creations capable of transmitting unique emotions. A love for art handed down for Fornasetti from father to son and that has existed, in the case of Campomarzio70, for four generations. The company was formed in fact in 1926 and nowadays it is still led by the same Di Liello family. 

Rebecca Fantini

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