Singapore, Malaysia and Japan win the Asian Gelato Cup and go to the world finals

Singaporean gelato-pastry chefs Ng Chee Leong (St Regis), Pang Yoon Hwa (Marina Bay Sands) and Jason Tan Yirong (Republic Polytechnic) win the gold medal at the 1st Asian Gelato Cup and will represent the nation at the 2020 world finals of Coppa del Mondo of Gelateria at Sigep in Rimini (Italy). The silver medal goes to the team of Imperial Hotel Tokyo (Japan), composed by Kanjiro Mochizuki (leader), Hiromi Nishikawa, Masakazu Yoshida. The bronze medal goes to the team of Professional Culinary Association (Malaysia), composed by Au Yong Yung Yee (leader), Siew Chee Wing and Zainal Abidin. China team (4th place) becomes the official reserve at the 2020 Coppa del Mondo della Gelateria (Gelato World Cup). The Gelato Chefs Han Lei(韩磊), Lyu Haoran (吕浩然) and Ha Sang (哈桑) will keep training hard, looking forward for the participation.

Other medals and certificates:

Best Gelato Cake – Macau (Hoi Kuok I, Raymond Fung, Curtis Lei)

Best Plated Dessert– South Korea (Ma Og Chun, Kang Kyungwon, Na Seongpil)

Best Artistic Showpiece – Taiwan (Lee Shu Ju, Cheng Hsin Pang, Lin Dong Yu)

Best Tasting Gelato – Philippines (Jackie Ang Po, Julius Edward Conde, Kahren Igarashi)

Best Team Spirit – Indonesia (Louis Tanuhadi, Jovita Pranata, Pipit Yulianti)

The Asian Gelato Cup raised the level of creativity and professionalism by showcasing Asia’s finest artisanship. Organised by UBM, supported by the Singapore Pastry Alliance and partnered with companies like Fabbri, IFI and Carpigiani, the very first official Asian selection for the Coppa del Mondo of Gelateria (Gelato World Cup), took place at Singapore Expo between April 24 and 27, 2018.

The event, which sets a new milestone for Singapore, has been held in conjunction with Food&HotelAsia (FHA). The inaugural launch of the Asian Gelato Cup contributed to encourage individuals, businesses and entrepreneurs in Asia to join and tap the global multi-billion frozen dessert industry. Eleven teams from 10 Asian regions (Japan, China, Korea, Taiwan, Macau, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Sri Lanka) participated and teams of Singapore, Japan and Malaysia emerged as winnerswill represent their regions at the Coppa del Mondo of Gelateria (Gelato World Cup) 2020 at Sigep, in Rimini, Italy (

The winners have been selected by an esteemed panel of judges, headed by Giancarlo Timballo, president, Gelato World Cup. The panel comprised Philippines’ television chef Jackie Ang Po and Louis Tanuhadi, general secretary, Indonesian Pastry Alliance, among others.

“Asian Gelato Cup impressed for the professional level linked to the competing nations. We look forward to see Singapore, Japan, Malaysia and maybe China vying for the world title in 2020 at Sigep in Rimini, Italy. The next Coppa del Mondo della Gelateria (Gelato World Cup) will be traiblazing” said Giancarlo Timballo, President of Coppa del Mondo della Gelateria.

“Artisan gelato is one of the frozen treats that’s making inroads into Asia for its novelty and alleged health appeal. Its Italian roots make it unique, so the world leading manufacturer of gelato machines, Carpigiani has been invited to support with its most advanced technologies (first of all Maestro High Efficiency, that also showed the possibility to produce with no added sugars) the 11 teams in producing unusual gelato creations. A new road has been unveiled in Singapore and we are ready to make the engines roar for fresh and innovative tastes and businesses”, said Enrico Amesso, Sales Director of Carpigiani Professional.

(Valentina Righi - BOOP.NEWS)

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